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Atlantic Bow (Communications) Limited was originally set up in 1994 by David Walls and the late Alexander Grant as a consultancy and project development firm. Dr. Stewart Massie was appointed Technical Director in 2009.
We specialise in market research, risk management, open and distance learning, as well as research into combining information and communications technologies with legal, financial, commercial, educational and other professional services.
We have worked largely in the fishing, seafood and aquaculture sectors. In particular, our EC funded report "The Seafood Industry of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and the West Coast: The Problems of Remoteness in a European Context" (EC Ref. UK-11-Focus, August 1997) had a major impact on the UK seafood industry and has been the basis of much of our subsequent work to date.
More recently we were awarded an FIFG grant to carry out an "innovation" development project that looked at the vital question of the standardisation of data to facilitate data exchange across the seafood industry as a "proof of concept" project. To demonstrate the practical application of the draft standard specification that was developed, there was specific focus on quality management, compliance certification and audit in the field of organic aquaculture. This project was successfully completed in June 2008. The outcomes can be viewed at the AQuaManage section of our Scotsea site (see below). Please contact us to obtain access authorisation and documentation.
This has led on to the formation in 2016 of a new company, Evolve O-Pro Limited, which was set up to develop software to assist the professional or expert with the task of complex reporting, data collection and analysis. Please visit the website for more information. O-Pro is an intelligent, innovative, secure, cloud software platform that employs Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) to support data-driven, multimedia document creation and reuse.
In the meantime, please take a look at our alternative Scotsea site where you will find contact details and information about some of the projects that we are currently involved in promoting.